SOAK’s stellar collection of department leads is evolving!

Camber has departed as a Gate lead, Chrispy is stepping down as lead for Department of Public Works, and Super Chicken is leaving Placement. We think the world of these people and working with them has been a delight! If you see them on site at SOAK*2017, please express your appreciation for all of their contributions!

We also have several contributors who are changing roles for SOAK*2017:

  • Hero, who was one of the leads for the Placement team last year, is joining the Production team as a Production Assistant and Cartographer.
  • Bubbles, who was one of the leads for the Box Office team last year, is taking over as one of the leads for the Gate team this year.
  • Sassinator was one of the leads for D’Corps last year, and this year is leading the Hospitality team.
  • Space Cadet was the lead for the Major Burnable Structure (the Mothership) last year, and this year she has joined browse as a lead on the Media team.
  • Cucumber, who has been a lead for Rangers for several years, is stepping away from that role to focus on his position as board member for Precipitation NW.

We are also bringing on board a handful of new faces to join our returning leaders from last year. We’re extremely lucky that so many qualified and committed individuals applied for positions, and it was difficult to choose only four. We’re grateful to everyone who offered to be of service.

  • Chew Toy is a new lead for the Box Office team, joining our returning lead, Pantsless.
  • Cupcake is a new lead for the Department of Public Works, working with DPW’s returning lead, Hatchet.
  • Nipple is returning, joining Bubbles as a lead for Gate.
  • Hazelnut is stepping up to be a lead for Rangers, alongside our returning lead, Sinamox.
  • Joshy is a new lead for the Placement team, joining the returning leads, BlindSpot and Ceres.
  • Juliana is a new lead for Sanctuary, joining the returning lead Me2. Please join us in welcoming these folks in their new roles!

Stay Tuned: Ticket Sales Details Will Arrive in February or March

Venus is in Aquarius, one of our leads saw their own shadow when they got out of bed this morning, and the rabbit… all I am going to say about that is maybe I should have paid better attention during rhabdomancy lecture. Apparently it is premature to start ticket sales for SOAK*2017: Superstition. Careful examination of the tea leaves suggests that ticket sales cannot begin until after the approval of the necessary Mass Gathering Permit by Wasco County. If the official SOAK ouija board is accurate, then sales will begin sometime in February or March.

We will announce the ticket sales date at least a week in advance of tickets being available. The announcement will be made via the SOAK*2017 FaceBook event, the Portland Burners email list, the SOAKPDX website, and mental telepathy. Tickets sold out in 24 hours last year, and we anticipate similarly brisk sales this year. May the odds be ever in your favor.